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Soroti, Uganda
12th December 2015

Abundant Life International Ministries (ALIM) in partnership with the Soroti Pastors’ Fellowship held a Pastors and leader’s conference in Soroti town from 30th November to 3rd December 2015. The teacher of the word was Pastor Ernest Howie assisted by John Gitta and John Faith.   The teachings focused on creating a God fearing generation of leaders, with integrity as a base towards an honest living through hard-work. The teachers of the word emphasized that every Child of God has His Potential to live a fulfilled, prosperous and successful life. Therefore, it is every child of God’s responsibility to develop and nature   that responsibility to its fullness. A total of 370 delegates attended the conference and were from the districts of Soroti, Kaberamaido, Kumi and Ngora.

Ps. Julius, Bp. Eitu, John Faith Ps. Ernest and John Gitta pose for a photo during the Soroti Conference.


The arrangement during this time gave provision for the first day to be exclusively for pastors and Bishops with their wives. This idea was highly welcomed by the organizing committee who in response send a special invitation to the custodians of faith in town at Soroti Hotel.  This unique day conference that took place on 30th November attracted 150 participants in attendance. 
The Conference was a powerful conduit through which the manifestation of God’s presence and healing power kept flowing through the believers hence bringing deliverance among them from all kinds of bondage and oppression.  A total of 370 people were in attendance besides the 1st meeting which had 150 participants. During the message about work, the pastors and leaders were encouraged not to eat the seed but to plant it, nurture it and allow it to grow. When this is done, the fruit shall be very delicious. Leaders were argued to embrace the practice of hard work, honesty and integrity as well as teach the same to their congregations. The message on Marriage as God intended attracted a lot of interest as the leaders admitted that they were not exactly living in the will of God. Traditional Practices that hindered the church to live to its expectation as identified and proved to be true included the act of big and lavishly/expensive weddings, the practice of dowry and the failure of church leaders to give their spouses enough time and affection in the name of being “too busy serving God”. Such practices are an encouragement for young people as well as the aged to live in sin. After the message, Pastor Ernest made a marriage alter call, when three couples responded and were wedded in the sight of God.


Pastors and leaders at Soroti Hotel Conference Hall

However due to the entrenched traditional practice of dowry and big weddings some section of leaders felt offended. However, the offensive feelings were addressed by Pastor Ernest and the conference coordinator, Pastor Julius Eribu. They clarified that everything that was taught during the conference was based on the word of God and therefore true. The three couples that were married in the sight God were certified.             

Pastors lifting up their hands in sweet surrender to Jesus Christ in worship

During the conference, there was evidence that God is ready to revive and change the church forever to his glory, but He is being hindered by the traditions of men. During the session on Work and trusting in God, Pastor Ernest pleaded with the pastors and leaders to embrace the ethics of moral and Spiritual living which in a way are a foundation for real development and transformation of the Church and the land in totality. Such basics included living in the fear of the Lord, walking in integrity, hardworking and trusting God. All these aspects put together shall form a strong church and a force to reckon with. 

The couples receiving certificates after making marriage vows to each other during the conference


Celebration of Communion on the last day of the conference as a sign of commissioning


We ascribe thanks to the Lord our God for making it possible for us to return to Soroti after 8 years.  Thanks to the Soroti Pastors Fellowship under the leadership of Pastor Agnes Eitu for a recommendable job in organizing and coordinating the ministry events together with Pastor Julius Eribu as elaborated in this report.  Our gratitude goes to Pastor Ernest Howie, for the financial support towards the conference as well as his availability to minister. ALIM acknowledges the contribution of Pastor Samuel Sombi, for working closely with the Pastors on behalf of ALIM, Godfrey Kalungi for his inspiring worship, Mr John Gitta for his availability and participation in the teaching along with John Faith.   May the love, peace and joy that comes through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ fill your hearts and the blessing of God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit rest upon you all during this Christmas season now and always. Amen 

Compiled by John Faith Magolo






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