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The Founders of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship:
Ernest Howie & Thelma Howie

In July 2001, Thelma and Ernest Howie experienced a call of God upon their lives, to start The Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. God had put upon their hearts, a strong belief in the truth of God’s Word for salvation, healing and deliverance and this became the major focus of their ministry.
While visiting Albania an invitation was given to The Howies to be part of a missionary team going to Uganda in August 2005. The Hand of God was clearly in this invitation, because as soon as they arrived in Uganda, they were both strongly convinced by The Holy Spirit that they should become more involved in that country. Everywhere they went, God opened doors of opportunity for them to be involved in ongoing ministry, and soon they were receiving invitations to conduct crusades and conferences.
Abundant Life International Ministries is now actively involved in many aspects of Christian Ministry, both spiritual and practical, in Uganda and also in other African countries.
They conduct several crusades each year, and already, thousands of people have committed their lives to Jesus Christ, with thousands also receiving healing and deliverance.
Humanitarian work is also a major part of the ministry. As well as praying for the sick during visitations to hospitals, the gospel is preached in prisons, schools and children's homes. Food, bibles and other necessities are provided during these visits.
A major part of the ministry is involved in providing clean water in rural areas. Already 12 boreholes have been sunk, bring health and clean water to thousands.
We support orphans with the help of sponsors, by providing food, clothing, school fees and medical expenses.
We supply cows to the families of Aids victims, which provides food and a source of income, and helps restore their self-esteem, in a continent where people with Aids are often despised.
The church is growing in Uganda, so there is a great need for teaching and encouragement for local pastors. Here again, Abundant Life is busy holding teaching conferences for leaders throughout the country. These conferences last 3 days, so finance is required for food and accommodation for 300/400 people at each meeting.
Help is given to pastors to build churches and a project is under way to construct a Christian School and children's home. We work closely with local pastors in all of these areas.
To, sum up, Abundant Life International Ministries is now actively involved in many ways to spread The Good News of The Gospel of Jesus Christ; Crusades, healings, sinking wells, food and other essentials to hospitals, prisons and children's homes, building projects of all kinds, churches, schools and children's homes and sponsoring orphans and aids victims. All of these things demand financial resources. Abundant Life provides all administrative costs, so every pound received from donors goes to where it is needed. Please peruse our website, and you will get an even clearer idea of what we are doing. We need your help. If you feel led by The Holy Spirit to be a part of what we are doing, either personally or financially, we would love to hear from you.
The harvest is great, God is using us to do great things for the Kingdom. Please join with us to help bring even greater Glory to God, and exalt The Name of Jesus.


Pastor Thelma Notice

Tributes to Thelma

It is with a mixture of joy and sadness that I have to record the death
of Pastor Thelma on 11th August 2009.
She was truly a handmaiden of the Lord, and through her commitment to work for the growth of the Kingdom, Abundant Life International Ministries was born.
There are many thousands of people now in the Kingdom, who have left the devil’s domain, as a result of the faithfulness to her calling.
I rejoice that Mama Thelma is in the presence of the Lord today, although I am sad that she is no longer at my side in ministry.
We worked in the vineyard together, but I know God is faithful, and is with me, and will enable me to carry on the work which Pastor Thelma and I began together only 4 years ago.

                          Pastor (Papa) Ernest Howie

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