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Kapchorwa, Uganda
13th - 16th July 2015

Abundant Life International Ministries (ALIM) in partnership with the Kapchorwa Pastors Fellowship held a Pastors and leader’s conference in Kapchorwatown from 13th to 16th July 2015.The teacher of the word was Pastor Ernest Howie assisted by John Faith and the word exposition theme was “my people perish due to lack of Knowledge” Hosea 4:6. The details of the teaching focused on the Fear of the Lord, walking in integrity, Power of Christianity, The work of the Holy Spirit in a believer. Prayer, getting your prayers answered, healing in the body of Christ, Spiritual warfare, Potential, Marriage as God intended, working and trusting, the Names of God, communion and church vs. community. A total of 437 delegates attended the conference and were from the districts of Kwen, Nakapiripirit, BulambuliSironko and Bukwo.

Pastor Ernest Howie in a photo together with the 16 couples who wedded in Kapchorwa


The Conference was a powerful conduit through which the manifestation of God’s presence and healing power kept flowing through the believers hence bringing deliverance among them from all kinds of bondage and oppression.  A total of 437 people were in attendance during the 4 days conference. During the message on Marriage as God intended, the participants were challenged not to complicate marriage by having big weddings and demand for dowry by family members. These practices plus others tend to complicate what God has made simple and encourages people to live in sin which as a result weakens the impact of the church. In response to the message, 16 couples stepped forward and the marriage was sanctified in the sight of God. This brought joy to the church and glory God as the couples came forward to make vows and receive their certificate from Abundant Life International Ministries.


The couples receiving certificates after making marriage vows to each other during the conference


During the week of ministry, the local pastors carried on the community work by visiting the hospital and some local health centers where they prayed with the sick and presented to them gifts of milk soap and sugar. The other team of local pastors moved within the conference neighborhood visiting the elderly and the sick. They prayed with them and offered them a food pack consisting of rice, Sugar and cooking oil. During the outreach, 6 people responded to the loving gospel by giving their lives to Jesus Christ as the personal Lord and savior.


Besides the conference sessions during the day, there was a live radio preaching and teaching of the word that went on for three days. The radio coverage reaches millions of people within the radius of 80kms. The response to the message was overwhelming as many people kept calling in to appreciate the teachings, while other called in to give prayer requests for various needs. Two people at different times called in and confessed Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior.



Pastor Ernest and the team of Pastors at the Radio station studio in Kapchorwa


Holy Communion was celebrated on the last day as a sign of commissioning the leaders to go and serve their communities


During the same period of time, Pastor Ernest visited My Father’s House Children’s Home, Nursery and Primary School where he had business meetings with different categories of staff and an interactive meeting with the Management. He encouraged the staff to work as unto the Lord because he rewards those who diligently seek him. He had a light moment with the children during their skills development lessons.


Irene, a worker at MFH showing Pastor Ernest how Paper beads are made


ALIM ascribe thanks to the Lord our God for making it possible to have a third conference in Kapchorwa in a space time of five years.  Thanks to the KapchorwaPastors Fellowship under the leadership of Pastor Godwin Soyekwofor a commendable job in organizing and coordinating the ministry events as elaborated in this report.  We extend our gratitude to Pastor Ernest Howie, the leader of Abundant Life Ministries International for the financial support towards the conference. ALIM acknowledges the contribution of Pastor Samuel Sombi, for working closely with the Pastors on behalf of ALIM, Godfrey Kalungi for his inspiring worship.   May the love, peace and joy that the comes through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ fill your hearts and the blessing of God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit rest upon you all now and always. Amen 

Compiled by John Faith Magolo






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