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Abundant Life International Ministries (ALIM) under the dedicated leadership of Pastor Ernest Howie opened a new territory for a Life Changing and Healing Crusade and Leaders ‘conference in a Central Uganda town of Kayunga from 7th to 10th of March 2012.  The crusade team composed of Pastor Mike and Hazel Smith, Darren from New Life Family Church in Suffolk, England and Pastor Ernest Howie from Northern Ireland. This team from UK was joined by a local team of members affiliated to ALIM in Uganda who joined hands in faith with the Pastors Fellowship of Kayunga District to carry out this noble Cause.  During this time of ministry, the team got involved in prison, Hospital, School and street ministry. Pastor Ernest and Mike ministered specifically to Pastors and Church leaders in power and many who attended confessed that they have been transformed by the word and their lives shall never be the same.

A total Number of 913 souls were saved by accepting Jesus Christ as the personal Lord and saviour during the crusade week.

ALIM March 2012 crusade team


On the First day of the crusade, the organizing committee arranged for a visit by the team to the Resident District Commissioner’s office, the Mayor and the Town Clerk. All the three offices welcomed the team with gladness and promised to be part of the crusade in all ways possible. The Member of Parliament officially gave opening remarks by highlighting how blessed the team from Abundant Life is whose feet had brought the good news to the land. He also called upon the people/crowds to turn to Jesus Christ so that they may find peace for their souls. Because of this political gesture, the team moved throughout the town and the surrounding villages with confidence preaching the good news of the saving power of Jesus Christ.


The crusade took place from 7th to 10th with Pastor Ernest and Mike Smith as the key speakers.

Pastor Ernest praying for the people to receive healing at the crusade

On the first day of the crusade, the team dedicated themselves to the Lord through prayer and fasting as a sign of surrender. The team moved around the crusade ground in faith praying and dedicating the land and the people who live therein to the God of heaven. As a result, God honored the ministry team with his presence and knitted them together for ministry. During the crusade there was a tent that was designated for prayer. In this tent, many sick people and those that had different prayer needs came and the team laid their hands on them and prayed with them. Counseling sessions were also carried out by the team to various individuals and in the process; many were delivered from all forms of oppression as many others received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior.  As people yielded to the gospel, many miracles of healing and deliverance came to pass and many people testified that Jesus miraculously healed them before, during or after the crusadet.

These are some of the people who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior in the week.

Praise & Worship

Moments of Praise and worship on the crusade brought the manifestation of God, s presence on the ground and this brought joy to the people. The interchurch mass choir was the major channel . 

of praise during the crusade. Besides this, a number of choirs presented and the power of the Lord moved greatly among the crowds and many were sent free from the bondage of sin by the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

The choir leading masses in praise and worship during the crusade


The team was also involved in street evangelism.  The street preaching sessions were strategically organized in conjunction with the local pastors at locations were churches existed. Decision cards were filled and given to the pastors for follow-up


The conference for Pastors and leaders started on 7th to 9th and was conducted in the morning hours (9.00am-1.00pm).  The teachers of the word expounded on topic like; the fear of the Lord and integrity among church leaders as a foundation for revival. Pastor Ernest and Mike emphasized prayer, prophesy and awareness of the power of Christianity by believers as key to victorious Christian living.  Many leaders were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time. At the end of the conference, many testified that their prayer lives and fellowship with the Lord Has greatly improved.   

A moment of prayer and meditation during the Pastors and Leaders’ Conference


  1. Prison

On 9th, the team went for ministry to the prisons. While in the prison, the team was welcomed by the Officer in Charge (OC) who introduced the team to the inmates. The message was preached and 31 out of 69 inmates who formed the audience gave their lives to Jesus. In the second prison 63 inmates gave their lives to Jesus Christ. The team identified with the physical needs of the inmates by providing soap, Sugar and Bibles. The OC was grateful for the gesture of love that was demonstrated by the ministry team and thanked the local pastors for having the prison at heart by including them on their programmes.

  1. School Ministry

The ministry team went to a total of 8 Schools, both primary and secondary. The gospel was preached with passion and many students responded by giving their lives to Jesus Christ. Each school received gifts of a foot ball and a net ball.


Darren handing over a ball to a student in one of the schools where the team went for Ministry

  1. Hospital

The ministering team visited Kayunga main hospital and prayed with the sick people and presented to each one of them a gift of soap and sugar as a token of their love in Christ Jesus.

  1. Ministry to children and the Elderly

The crusade team through experience has discovered that malaria is the highest killer disease in Uganda. As a way to make a contribution to reduce its prevalence, ALIM donated mosquito nets to the elderly, children and expectant mothers. Over 300 nets were supplied to these categories of people. The gesture was welcomed by the Government representative who commended ALIM for showing such great concern for the people of Uganda.


Pastor Ernest Howie giving a mosquito net to the elderly


  On the last day of the crusade, Pastor Ernest and the team had fellowship with all those who got saved during the week of ministry. In the meeting, Pastor Ernest encouraged the new born again Christians to be strong in the Lord and not to turn back. He assured them using the word of God that they have now got new fatherhood in the spirit. He assured them that they are now children of God, cleansed the blood of Jesus, accepted and redeemed. In the same meeting, a gift of a t-shirt with a gospel scripture written on the back and a logo of ALIM in front were presented to each of the new believers. The fellowship was concluded with a meal to celebrate the new spiritual births. The new believers were then handed over to the Local Pastors for nurturing.  

Pastor Ernest with some of the new believers


It is glorious for one to know that God’s purpose during these end times is to know Christ and making Him known. The ALIM team has discovered this secret and for this reason, the Lord used them to do such exploits. The team gives thanks to God for His provision and for His servant Pastor Ernest Howie for being a channel of blessings to all.

Compiled by John Faith Magolo


God Bless you all






On behalf of Kayunga District pastors’ Fellowship, and on my behalf, I convey our sincere gratitude to the Gospel preachers from U.K. to East Africa, and most especially Uganda and Kayunga in particular.

Thank you for loving us and being humble to the voice of God.

We have been much blessed with your healthy teachings together with the soul winning strategy, which vision you put on the ground and has left fruits to remain.


The 3 days power packed conference has been a blessing to us driving us many miles a head nearer to God’s throne. It was attended by 441 delegates.

We can’t forget your wonderful topics like:

  1. walk tall
  2. power of Christianity
  3. The fear of the Lord
  4. Teaching on pray by Mike Smith and many others to mention but a few.

My heart was pricked with the classic statement made by Pastor Ernest Howie at the preamble of his preaching on Wednesday when he said” God is more interested in who we are in Christ than what we do for God” Pastor  Mike Smith preaching about prayer admonished us to pray more effectively.

Your youthful dynamism in preaching touched many and was challenging.


The gospel came to our town at a conducive moment, because we had taken quite some time since we last received a  gospel crusade like this.

This was a no-slacking, exhaustive program. If we consider the hospital, prisons, schools and street witnessing, all have been strategically meant to win lost souls, which is important at such a time as this.

According to our records, 941 souls were won for Christ.

The pastors have appreciated the potential of the two evangelists from the pulpit, which we attributed to their submission to the Holy Spirit, for they really have the zeal for ministry and the kingdom of God.

We also thank the wives whose company to the men of God has been remarkably noticed by their husbands’ success at every point of their ministry while in Kanyunga.

Our Appreciation goes to the following People:

  1. The wives of the visiting ministers from U.K. 
  2. The director Pastor  John Faith and Co-coordinator  pastor  Samuel Sombi
  3. The mass choir and their leaders.
  4. The gospel artists; notably Brother Kalungi from Grace Assembly Church-Mperewe Kampala and Sister Dhola Short from Naminya Miracle Centre church.
  5. The chairman and the executive committee.
  6. The departmental heads and their assistants
  7. The cooks
  8. The sisters and brothers who have worked tirelessly to make this ministry to be colourful.
  9. Pastor Kaliisa and his church who accepted us with a good heart to use their premises.

The pastors altogether in one voice request you to come back another time, because God will allow it.

Send our greetings to his excellence the prime minister, Her Majesty the Queen of England and the brethren in the churches at home. We pray to God to provide journey mercies as you fly back to the United Kingdom. God bless you


And senior pastor Kayunga God’s Glory Christian Center.





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