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11TH -21ST MARCH 2015

Pastor Ernest Howie living in his life-long calling - to be a teacher of the word is devoted to "touching lives forever" by empowering the local church on the African continent to accomplish its mission as the people of God in the land.

Its action time with Pastor Ernest delivering a teaching message during the conference

This is done through Pastors and leaders’ conferences, making an eternal difference in the present and for generations to come. Over the past one decade across Africa and Uganda in particular, Pastor Ernest has proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has taught the church leadership the need to walk in the fear of the Lord and to walk as men and women of integrity to hundreds of thousands of people under the teaching’s main theme “My people Perish because of Lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:16).


Pastor Ernest Howie accompanied by Pastor Mike Smith from New Life Church in Stow market, Suffolk England held conferences in Western City of Kitale in Kenya from the 11 to the 15th of March and in the Eastern Town of Pallisa in Uganda from the 18th to the 21st of March 2015. The conference theme was derived from Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) My people perish from lack of knowledge. The teachings delivered laid emphasis of the importance of the Word of God to the Church of Christ in order to get rid of the present Spiritual ignorance that is prevalent among the church congregations Acts 19: 20 (KJV).  “So mightly grew the word of God that it prevailed.”  Pastor Ernest believes that God’s word is an over-coming word, and in his very words he articulates that “When we get to know more of God’s word and His power we live as over comers”.

  The conference in Kitale was the most unique event that ALIM has ever had in its ten years of ministry on the African Continent. The local pastors in appreciation to ALIM for the crusade and conference that took place in September 2010 in the same town, mobilized funds, organized the conference and invited ALIM to do the teaching.  The conference took place from the 11th to the 15th of March with a joint Sunday Service to celebrate the victories of the week. The conference was attended by 400 people and this took place in a tent as there was no hall big enough in the area to sit the congregation.  In Pallisa, the conference took place from the 18th till the 21st of March 2015. The conference venue was Country inn main Hall and was attended by 500 Pastors and leaders. 


The Power of the Holy Spirit; Pastor Ernest delivered a teaching on the Power of the Holy Spirit and His manifestation in a believer’s life as the Holy Spirit with us, in us and upon us. The response to the teaching in both towns was overwhelming as many pastors and leaders were baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit and most of them spoke in tongues for the first time as a sign of baptism.

Church and Community; Pastor Mike delivered a teaching on church and the community. The essence of this teaching is to create awareness of the role of the church in the community. The teaching called on the church to share the love of Jesus Christ with the community members in practical terms, which is the way the unbelievers understand being loved and receiving love. Challenged by the teaching, the participants dedicated an evening to go and share the Love of Christ to the community in practical terms. During this demonstration, the participants went with food packs to feed the hungry in the community, hospitals and refugee camps. The gospel with a food pack was a welcome event to the participants and in the process 12 people accepted Christ as Lord and savior in Kitale and 6 people in Pallisa respectively.


Pastors organizing food packs to deliver them to the needy, the old and the sick in the community

Marriage as God Intended; after the delivery of a teaching on Marriage as God intended, Six couples defied the traditional arrangements that make marriages expensive; notably, big weddings and dowry among others and were wedded in the site of God in Kitale and one couple in Pallisa.  This act revealed a new paradigm to the church in the way they need to conduct marriages in Church and to ensure that they do not complicate what God has made simple.


Six couples were wedded in the sight of God in Kitale. Pastor Ernest presented marriage Certificates to all the couples. 

The Holy Communion. In most churches, particularly those branded as Pentecostals, the celebration of the Eucharist is rarely done, yet it is one of the major pillars of the church and they are commanded to do it as often as possible in remembrances of Jesus death and resurrection.  A teaching was delivered by Pastor Mike on the same, after which  Holy Communion was celebrated. The celebration was honored by the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit who led the believers to worship God in truth and Spirit.

The Church was encouraged to do this as an act of worship in remembrance of Christ’s Body and blood that redeemed mankind from sin to eternal freedom. The church was also cautioned to guard against carrying out this sacrament as a religious ritual.


Believers receiving Holy Communion during the conference

Other trip activities

Besides the direct ministry activities, Pastor Ernest Howie and Mike Smith had one business meeting with the Board of Directors of My Father’s House Children’s Home, Nursery and Primary School. The major discussion was how to make the home and the school more sustainable with less reliance on donations with time. Pastor Ernest Howie and Mike Smith are Trustees for My Father’s House Children’s Home.

Some of the children at My Father’s House

Demonstration of love in practical terms! Pastor Ernest giving a study Bible to this 83 year old conference participant



Glory and praise go to Jesus Christ through whom we can do all things through His grace and the abilities He has placed in the ALIM team. I graciously thank Pastor Ernest Howie for the financial support that facilitated these conferences as well as his availability to be used of God to deliver the much needed teachings to the church in the towns of Kitale and Pallisa. We thank Pastor Mike for his availability to be used of God. We appreciate the efforts of Pastor Samuel Sombi and John Faith for coordinating the arrangements and implementation of the conferences in liaison with the team of Pastors on the ground.  

Blessings to all

Pastor Apollo Massa

Miracle Life Church- Mbale-Uganda  





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