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This report is a continuation of thanksgiving by the ALIM team for its 68th and 69th Conferences that were held in the Central Uganda towns of Nakasongola and Luwero from 8th to 11th and 13th to 16th of March 2017 respectively. The conference in Nakasongola was attended by 1326 delegates and that of Luwero 520 participants .

Pastor Ernest Howie teaching at Nakasongola conference  


    The ALIM team composed of Pastor Ernest Howie, the team leader, John Faith a teacher, Samuel Sombi the Missions coordinator, Godfrey Kalungi a praise and worship leader,  and Jimmy for the key Board

    John Faith shared the teachings with Pastor Ernest Howie  


    The teachings pointed to the main theme as recorded in Hosea 4:6—“My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge”; Mal.2:7—“For the lips of a Priest should keep knowledge, and People should seek the law from his mouth; for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts”; Ps. 25:4-5—“Show Me your ways, O Lord; teach me your Paths, lead me in your truth and teach me”; Ps. 43:3—Oh send out your light and your Truth! Let them lead me: let them bring me to your holy hill and to your tabernacle.

    The ALIM conferences in these towns emphasized topical lessons especially walking in the fear of the Lord, walking in integrity, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, potential, Body Soul and spirit, transformation, how to get answers from Prayer, marriage as God intended, working and trusting, community service, healing and communion.


    The conferences were both residential for participants from far towns and rural areas and those who live nearby came from their homes. In the history of the ALIM conferences, Nakasongola registered the highest turn-up on day one with 550 delegates and the overall attendance of 1326 in the conference.  The 550 conference full time residents arrived a night before the start of the conference. In Luwero, the resident participants were 150 while the rest of the participants were non-residents. All the three main meals ie breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided to the participants by ALIM through the hire of local catering services who prepared and served the meals.
    The teachings generated a lot of interest from the participants and this was exhibited in their response to the word.  As a result of the teachings, many participants yielded to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, responded to carrying out community work by delivering food parcels to communities and hospital and shared in the Holy Communion. Items worth Ug.Shs 1,500,000 were collected and distributed in the communities as a response to the Community Service Message.
    In response to marriage as God intended message, 17 couples were wedded in the sight of God in Nakasongola and 1 couple in Luwero. The persons in Luwero that were wedded in the sight of God were practicing Pastors in the town.


400 people sat in the overflow tent during the conference in Nakasongola


Pastors and leaders lifting their hands to God in surrender during the conference in Nakasongola



After the teaching on body soul and spirit, one of the interpreters of the conference testified about how she practically applied the message to her situation which if she had not listened to the message would have given up her interpreting job and gone back home.
The couple that got wedded in the sight of God in Luwero testified that  ALIM carrying out the sacrament of marriage in the sight of God during the conference was the couples answered prayer that they had made for a long time. When Pastor Ernest made a marriage alter call after the message on Marriage as God intended; both the woman and the man knew deep in their hearts that it was God’s voice to them to put right their marriage.
The pastors and leaders in both towns appreciated the soundness of the teachings and invited ALIM to return to their towns to continue with the same. On the request to return, Pastor Ernest replied that he will be happy to return if the local leaders and pastors keep the testimony of the conference by practicing what they have learnt as well as keeping him informed on the progress. 




18 couples were wedded in the sight of God in Nakasongola and Luwero and their marriages were certified   


Jesus said “do this in remembrance of me”


The teaching on the sacrament of Holy Communion signified the importance of the church as one with a single mission and purpose to bring glory to God in remembrance of what it cost Jesus to take away the sin nature of man in exchange for his divine nature.  After the communion, the pastors and leaders were commissioned to go and serve the Lord with zeal, Knowledge and understanding.

Thanks to the Almighty God who enabled the ALIM team to be true to the calling to equip the church with the truth of the Word of God. All gratitude is ascribed to the Almighty God for enabling Pastor Ernest Howie and the team to make the conference a success along with the coordinating teams in Nakasongola and Luwero

Blessings to you all

Compiled by John Faith Magolo






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