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Mubende Crusade

11th-15th July 2007


Abundant Life Christian Fellowship held an evangelical Mission in Mubende Uganda from 11th-15th July 2007. Activities during the mission were Crusade, leadership conference, hospital, prison and school ministry. A team of 6 ministers travelled from Northern Ireland; to join in the effort of the local Pastors and leaders in the great commission. “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…..” Mathew 28:19. The team members were Pastor Ernest and Thelma Howie, Pastor Ernie and Faye Clifford, Sister's Dora and June. The team participated in ministering to the people of Mubende and through their availability to God, almost 2000 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ, many were healed and delivered from the diseases and infirmities that afflicted them. The mission code was Abundant Life Healing Crusade (mission).

Mission team from ALCF, Northern Ireland-from the Left Sister Dora, Pastors Ernest & Thelma Howie,
Pastors Faye & Ernie Clifford and Sister June

The leaders’ and Pastors’ conference had 600 participants in attendance. The participants were mainly from Mubende and the neighboring districts of Mityana, and Kiruhura in Western Uganda. Also in attendance were Pastors from Kenya and Nigeria.
The speakers in the conference were Pastor Ernest, Pastor Thelma and Pastor Ernie. The message at the conference centred on God’s ability
in man. In his opening message, Pastor Ernest ministered through Numbers 13 and urged the
Pastors and leaders to always be positive. He called upon the participants to emulate the
example of Joshua and Caleb who silenced the negative reporting and encouraged the team
to go ahead and possess the land as recorded in verse 30 of Chapter 13 in the book of Numbers.

Conference with Pr. Ernest: The joy of the Lord is our strength

Related messages built on this foundation with Pastor Thelma teaching on the power of a testimony. She quoted the scriptures where David through his testimony built his faith in God to attack Goliath who had made the army of Israel to live in fear for forty days. She said that when we totally trust God, he leads us to a point of no return until his purposes are fulfilled in our lives. The four days power packed conference ended with all leaders and Pastors being anointed and commissioned to go and possess Mubende for Jesus.

Pr. Thelma ministering at the Conference

The open air gospel outreach commonly known as crusade took place from 12th -15th at 4.00 pm every evening. The total daily attendance was estimated at 3,000 to 5,000 people. The people enjoyed the sweet moments of praise and worship to God amidst testimonies of the miraculous things that the Lord Jesus has done in the believers’ lives. Pastor Ernest, a man anointed for the season preached the word of God in power and over 1000 people received Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour at the crusade alone.
During ministry time at the crusade, a number of sick people were prayed for and they received their healing!
Many of those who were prayed for testified that they have been miraculously healed by God.

Come on! Its praise time at the crusade

The most spectacular event was the healing of the lady who had been lame
from birth and the Lord Jesus made her whole. This brought joy in the town as
the crowd followed the woman on her way home as witnesses of what God can do.

On the 3rd day of the crusade, the devil tried to steal Pastor Ernest’s voice,
but as the prayer team intensified the prayer network, the voice just cleared
and he spoke with clarity. Glory be to God!

Jesus the way to the Father: Pr. Ernest at the Crusade


Patient receiving soap and sugar from Pr. Thelma

A team of four people from Abundant Life Christian Fellowship together with counselors and interpreters visited Mubende Hospital for 2 days. The team demonstrated the love of Jesus to the sick through preaching, counseling and prayer. The team also gave sugar and soap to the patients, and this was received with gratitude. Many patients received salvation and the Lord delivered them; including their attendants. Many thanks go to the Superintendent, Mubende hospital and his team for their dedication to ministry with the team in wards for the two days.

The mission team visited two prisons (Kaweri and Muyinayina). The message to the prisoners was that the love of God demonstrated in Christ Jesus transcends their situation of bondage. In Muyinayina prison, June presented the gospel with passion and forty three prisoners received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In Kaweri Prison, Pastor Ernie ministered in power and 22 inmates were reconciled with God through salvation in Christ Jesus. Pastor Ernie was also led by the Holy Spirit to pray for the sick and it was a great experience!!!
The Abundant Life Christian Fellowship team presented gifts of love to the inmates, which include
sugar, soap and blankets. The entire prison community was grateful to God and appreciated the team for coming. At the end of the prison ministry,
a young undergraduate girl on her internship in Mubende Town council came along side the team
at the invitation of David her University colleague who was the ministry team driver. She was so much
touched during the preacher’s call for in mates to receive Christ. I watched her crying as she moved out
of the meeting hall. Later in the evening, she came to the Hotel where the team was staying and
gave her life to Jesus. What a wonderful friend Jesus is!! With a hunger for God, the prisoners made a request to the team for Bibles, the bread of life.
The request was taken positively and the team leader assured them that God will provide.

Pr. Ernie and JP giving blankets to O/C prisons


During the mission, the team visited five schools. In the first school, Dora preached and 60 students gave their lives to Jesus Christ. In Tiger school, Pastor Ernie gave an inspiring message that left over 100 students born again. The most wonderful opportunity presented it self when Pastor Ernie visited Mulete-Agape community school. The day of ministry coincided with the parent’s visitation day. Parents together with their children were invited into a meeting hall and the message of hope in Christ was preached. According to the Chairman of Pastors in Mubende Pastor Wilson, 22 parents received Jesus as their Lord and Savour and over 100 children committed their lives to Jesus Christ.
The Devil knowing the havoc that was to befall him, caused circumstances that failed the appointments in two schools. In one school, they got emergency visitors from the ministry of Education and in the other, a teacher collapsed and died at the time when the ministry team was on their way to school. We however prayed that God will make it possible in his time.

Pr. Ernie leading school children to salvation

On the last day, members of the team went for ministry in different churches within Mubende. The respective pastors whose churches the team visited testified that the ministry was timely and God moved among them greatly.
We give praise to the Lord who honored the ministry team with his presence whenever they went. This was evident right from the Hotel where the team resided. The hostesses testified that the team was the most unique lot of guests ever received in the hotel. Out of the team’s interaction with the hotel staff, one of them (Mary) got saved, to the glory of God. To this effect, Pastor Sentogo Wilson the Chairman organizing committee as well as the chairman for Born again Churches reported that the overall number of those who got saved during this mission week were 1959 (One thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Nine ) people. This is a Miracle of Miracles and to God be the glory!! The chairman further revealed that the difference between the Abundant Life Mission (Crusade, Conference, schools’, Prisons’ and Hospital Ministries) and others ever held in Mubende is that the people who committed their lives to Christ have started to go to Church and are being nurtured and discipled.


Abundant Life International Ministries has committed to supplying a washing machine for the local hospital. This has already been purchased and will be dedicated in September 2007.
Financial supporters of Abundant Life International Ministries have also provided sufficent funds to provide 2 wells for drinking water. These have now been completed, and will also be dedicated when Pastors Ernest and Thelma Howie return to Mubende in September. We have been informed that up to 80% of ALL sicknesses in Uganda come from drinking contaminated water, so by this means, the health of the people is being greatly improved. Praise the Lord.


We give thanks to the Almighty God for his everlasting presence upon the team throughout the mission period. The health of the team was intact with no interruption whatsoever and all this we attributed it to the Lord. God in his mercy upheld the rains for that week after heavy rains that flooded the area in the previous weeks. It is also reported that the area received a lot of rain the following week after the mission and to this we give thanks. Many thanks go to Abundant Life Christian Fellowship for a number of reasons. The fellowship supported the mission financially and spiritually especially the prayer team, and above all we thank God for using them for his glory. Through the availability of the team, God moved mightily and many got saved as indicated above.
We owe gratitude to Pastors’ Ernest and Thelma Howie for leading the team and for allowing God to use them. We thank Pastor Wilson for leading the mission organizing committee and also Pastor John Paul for his coordination efforts that made all to succeed. The sure encouragement for you all is that Your labour in Christ Jesus in not in vain (1corinthans 15:58). Amen