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The 72nd and 73rd ALIM Pastors and Leaders conference was held in the districts of Ntungamo and Isingiro in western Uganda. In Ntungamo, the conference was held at Little Angels Primary school from 6th to 9th September and the one in Isingiro from 11th to 14th September 2017. The conference attendance in Ntungamo was 561 and that of Isingiro was 720.

Isingiro Pastors and leaders conference organizing committee and the ALIM team


    The ALIM team composed of Pastor Ernest Howie the team leader and teacher, John Faith the program coordinator and conference teacher, Samuel Sombi the conference Coordinator, Godfrey Kalungi in charge of Praise and Worship and Edison, the Sound Technician. ALIM believes that walking in the fear of the Lord and in integrity are the foundational requirements for the church and are vital for a victorious Christian living. The teachings pointed to the main theme of the conference Hosea 4:6—“My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge”



    The conferences were both residential for participants from far towns and rural areas and those who live nearby came from their homes. The resident participants in Ntungamo were 300 and 200 were nonresidents, while in Isingiro, 500 were residents and 220 non-residents. The residents arrived a day earlier so that they settle in prior to the start of the conference. All the three main meals ie breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided to the participants.



    The teachings generated a lot of interest from the participants and this was exhibited in their response to the word. Many believers who were prayed for were baptized in the Holy Spirit and this was evident by many who spoke in tongues for the first time. In response to the message entitled “church and community”, many people were touched and they demonstrated their faith in a practical way by collecting money to buy items to supply the needs of those in want among themselves, in the community, as well as in the hospitals and prison. .

    Leaders fully attentive and committed to learning during the conference in Ntungamo  


    In response to marriage as God intended message, 2 couples were wedded in the sight of God in Ntungamo and 4 couples in Isingiro. The performance of the wedding ceremony was graciously received by the church and the leadership made a commitment to follow the example.


A couple wedded in the sight of God receives their marriage certificate Ntungamo




Present during the marriage ceremony in Isingiro was Bishop Don who is the Overseer of Born Again Churches in the Ankole region, Western Uganda. He commended the simplicity in which the Word of God was presented and how this was expressed in the marriage sacrament as demonstrated by Pastor Ernest Howie. He testified that after the ALIM conference that was held in his home district of Bushenyi in March 2016, he took on the same example and now, his church weds at least 3 couples on average per month. He said that the couples are encouraged to keep the cost as low as possible and are to come as they are, without gowns and suits. Upon completion of his testimony, he called upon the church in Isingiro and the entire Western Uganda to follow the example. He also testified about the sacrament of communion. He said that after the teaching and the demonstration, most of the pastors that attended the conference have taken the communion on.

The Pastors have identified a supplier of communion cups from Nairobi- Kenya and are constantly receiving the supplies. The teaching on the sacrament of Holy Communion signified the importance of the church’s mission and purpose to bring glory to God. The cup signifies blood for the forgiveness of sins of all mankind and the bread represents the body of Jesus Christ; a symbol of health and wholeness for all believers. …. “By His stripes, we are healed”….Isaiah 53:4-5.



On Sunday the 10th Pastor Ernest ministered in Christian Fellowship Church Isingiro. He taught on the importance of miracles, signs and wonders as a sign that God is among his people. When Christians faithfully preach the word, God confirms it with miracles, signs and wonders. On Sunday the 17th Pastor Ernest preached in St. James Anglican Church Bugema in Mbale district, where he taught on the topic sowing and reaping.

He elaborated on the fact that God has a garden and that garden is in the hearts of the believers. Believers have a responsibility to provide a conducive environment for the seed (the word of God) to grow into fruitfulness. During the same service, Pastor blessed and dedicated the children to God and also prayed for the students in the candidate classes of P.7, S.4 and S.6 as they prepare to do exams in this third academic term. 

Pastor Ernest receives a gift of a pineapple from the Sunday school children in Isingiro  


Pastor Ernest dedicating Children to God during a Sunday service at St. James Anglican Church


Thanks to the Almighty God who enabled the ALIM team to be true to the calling to equip the church with the truth of the Word of God. All gratitude is ascribed to the Almighty God for enabling Pastor Ernest Howie and the team to make the conference a success. The coordinating teams in Ntungamo led by Bishop Stepson and that of Isingiro led by Pastor John Tumusime are highly appreciated. .

Blessings to you all

Compiled by John Faith Magolo






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