Our School:- Our school, which started in 2011, is going from strength to strength

we now have 222 pupils enrolled. We have 3 nursery classes, plus P1 to P6.


Mission: To cater for the welfare of the less advantaged individuals in Uganda with special attention in the holistic way; Spiritual Welfare wellbeing, Physical Health and Sanitation, Education and Social wellbeing among others to become responsible and fulfilled Citizens of their Nation.

My Father's House a ministry of Abundant Life International Ministries Northern Ireland (NI) cares for the orphaned Children in Uganda by providing a home, education and support designed to meet their physical, spiritual, emotional, and cognitive needs. The program ensures that staff and donors carry out this ministry of faith for children who have almost no option for accessing the love, care and acceptance from their biological parents. Most of the parents for the children in the home died from HIV/AIDS. MFH strives to unleash the children's potential to enable them become responsible Christian adults who positively invest in their families and communities.

History of My Father's House:

In 2005, after a trip to Uganda on a Ministry trip, Pastor Ernest Howie out of call and concern to help orphaned children in Uganda, started helping orphaned children under different ministries especially those in the Eastern town of Mbale. Through prayer and divine guidance, My Father's House-Howie Christian Charitable Trust (MFH-HCCT) was established as an organization through which loving and caring people could sponsor orphaned children. In turn, those children would be provided benefits including; food and clothing, education, shelter, health care, and Christian training.  In 2009, MFH opened her maiden doors to meet the needs of orphans by reaching out to them, mostly on the streets, of Mbale town. There are now 40 orphaned children under the care of My Father's House.

View our 2018 Community Day at My Fathers House

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Giving children life in its fullness (John 10:10)


My Fathers House Day and Boarding School have now added
a second vehicle to their transport fleet,
as more and more of our 222 children are needing transport
to and from school.
We are expecting a further increase in numbers in 2017.

Outline of activities

  • Beads making training
  • Children’s outreaches
  • Baptism

Beads making training
This activity takes place every Sunday evening.  The children are trained to make beads using paper.  The main objective of this activity is to equip the children with livelihood skills that can enable them become economically empowered even when they are out of My Father’s House. So far, all children in My Father’s House have been trained, out of whom 10 children are able to make paper beads from which the necklaces are made.

Children making paper beads under the guidance of Irene as Pastor Ernest looks on


Children’s outreaches
Some of the children at MFH are involved in community Church outreaches. This is conducted on Sundays where children go to different churches for ministry within and outside Mbale. The purpose of the outreaches is to introduce Christ to the community through the children and to make the community aware of the presence of MFH. It is also a way of developing the children’s confidence, socialising skills and spiritual development.  In this quarter, three Churches have so far been visited: Pentecostal Assembles of God Kolonyi, Miracle Life Church Mbale and Miracle Centre Church Kachumbala.

My Father’s House Children presenting at Miracle Life Church in September 2015
On the 27/09/2015 15 children who have accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour and are steadily growing in their faith in Christ were baptised. The sacrament was carried out by Pastor Apollo Massa of Miracle Life Church. The children were taught lessons on baptism and its importance to a Christian in the weeks prior to being baptised. A number of dignitaries witnessed the occasion, among those present were Pastor Ernest Howie (Chairman Board of Trustees of HCCT), Pastor Mike Smith (Board of Trustees), Mr (Chairman HCCT-Uganda), Ms Roslyn Kee (volunteer at MFH from Northern Ireland), Mrs Aidah Massa (Head Teacher) plus other MFH staff.

Pastor Apollo Massa of Miracle Life Church baptising children from My Father’s House in September 2015

The 15 children who were baptised together with Pastor Ernest aka Papa, Pastor Mike, Roslyn Kee, Mrs Aidah Massa, Pastor Apollo, Irene, Barak and some members of the school choir after Baptism.


Dear BOT/BOG MFH Nursery and Primary School, I’m privileged to inform you that the school has got a new Classroom block. The New classroom block consist of a staffroom, and 3 classrooms. These have been allocated to Upper primary; ie P.5, P.6 and p.7. The block also has six toilets 2 for boys, two for Girls and two for staff (Male and Female).

My Father’s House Nursery and Primary School gets a new Classroom block

The school now has 245 pupils with hope to have an increase by end of February 2017

The old school building was also remodeled and out of the four original classrooms, we have acquired 7 classrooms and a school office. All the classes can accommodate a maximum of 50 pupils. The classes on the old building are Nursery section (Baby, Middle and Top Class) and the Lower primary section (P.1, p.2, p.3 and P.4.
According to the Headmistress, s report we now have 245, pupils out of which 65 are boarders. Please take note that out of the 65, 36 are from the community. The headmistress is optimistic that the community children numbers will increase by next week since it is only two weeks since the schools opened.

The old block now houses the Nursery and Lower Primary Section separated by the School Office

Special thanks go to the BOT HCCT under the able chairmanship of Pastor Ernest Howie for playing a key role in the provision of funds that have made this new school block areality. Thanks to the BOG members of MFH nursery and Primary school for all the planning and follow-up to ensure that children study in a good environment.

Blessings to you all


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