Success Stories


Success Stories:- From My Fathers House


MFH School closed for Holidays on the 4th of December with a great turn up of Community members to participate in the Good neighborhood day. Three hundred adults and children were entertained at MFH with end of year gifts and a meal. MFH does this every end of year as a way of demonstrating the love of God for all. This has given MFH acceptance in the community and has also acted as a tool for the gospel in deed.

Some of the Board of Trustees of HCCT, staff and children of MFH

MFH children’s Home in compliance with the government policy is in transition from a home to a day and boarding primary school effective the 1st of January 2016. The transition does not affect the children that are sponsored by MFH in any way as they shall continue to live and study within the premises. In other words, it is just change of strategy without compromising the content. In preparation for the transition, the Board of directors for MFH ceased to be on the 28th of November 2015 and instead was replaced with a Board of Directors to oversee the running of the school.

MFH children ministering in the St. Andrews Cathedral-Mbale

The children from MFH have been doing outreach ministries to various churches since the beginning of October 2015. The outreach climaxed with the ministry in St. Andrews Cathedral Mbale, headquarters for Mbale diocese (Anglican). Pastor Ernest Howie was the main celebrant and MFH children were the ministering choir. MFH, the minister and the congregation were blessed all together.

MFH Children and staff poses for a photo in their clothes donated by one of the associates of HCCT

The teachers under the leadership of Aidah Massa the Head mistress went for a retreat in Jinja the city on the shores of Lake Victoria. The purpose of the retreat was to evaluate, reflex, plan and strategize for the school in 2016 in the face of the transition. Details are in the Head teachers report.

MFH with a smile of gratitude! Thank Lord, Thank HCCT-MFH

The children at MFH received gifts that were delivered by Pastor Ernest Howie from their sponsors. The children are forever grateful for your generosity dear sponsors. The staff also received a gift in form of either a blouse or a T/shirt. Few blessed ones received full attire and all blessed the Lord.

HCCT-MFH children with their Christmas gifts that they received from Pastor Ernest Howie

MFH has now been furnished with a solar system. This means that blackouts are now history at MFH that has been as a result of constant power failures, shortages and load shedding.

Solar panels have been installed at Sallyann House; HCCT-MFH Says bye bye load shedding

Jonah is most grateful for the Jacket and Peter is grateful too for the sportswear. They are both staff at MFH.





Emily is now 13 years old and in primary two in st. Clare Girls Boarding Primary School Namengo, Budaka District. This is a single sex school for girls both normal and with disabilities. The school offers boarding section for only Normal girls. Emily stays in Chesire Rehabilitation home which accommodates children both boys and girls with all kinds of disabilities. Emily sponsored by My Father’s House, has been studying in this school from first term of this year which started in February up now. She stays at school during school time and returns to My Father’s house for holidays. Currently she is at My Father’s House for Holidays and she will be reporting back to school on 6th of September 2015


Academics Emily has shown a lot of improvement in her academic performance this term despite her physical challenges. She emerged the 11th out of 140 pupils in her class. Emily’s school always holds visitation or open day once a term where all parents go to school to discuss the academic progress of their children. As administrators of MFH, we do visit her once in a term.

Physical She looks healthy. She loves walking with her clutches though her administrator in Chesire rehabilitation home wants her to have a wheel chair for easy movement to and from school Testimony I thank God for giving Emily a free wheel chair. This has been one of the things that her administrator had emphasized that Emily should go back with this coming term. When I attempt to find out the cost of a wheel chair in Mbale Referral Hospital (Orthopedic Department), I was told it was costing 500,000/= Ugandan shillings. But Praise the Lord who has provided for her just in time. She got this wheel chair from Presbyterian Church on 13th of August 2015 through their school. .



Fundraising Success Story

Mr Kenny Anderson, member of Tobermore Pentecostal Church, who had travelled to Uganda with the ALIM team for a crusade, offered to do house to house collections for My Father’s House, as his visit to the project had touched his heart in a powerful way. To date Kenny has raised the incredible sum of £2,166, and his great work for My Father’s House is still ongoing.


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